Language Learning and Educational Consultants

Katie Gill – Education and English Language Consultant 

Katie oversees the educational aspects of Pacca Alpaca’s apps, as well as being our English Language consultant, and makes sure all our apps are curriculum compatible and child friendly. Katie has a degree in early childhood education and a PGCE in primary education. She currently teaches Year 1 in an independent school in central London and has also taught in Thailand, China and Hong Kong.

Being a busy bee, Katie likes to relax with a spot of yoga. Her dream is to write a book of anecdotes about adorable, mischievous 5 year olds, but she never seems to have the time to write things down (we can hear little people everywhere breathing a sigh of relief)…

Lisa Stevens – Spanish Language Consultant

An educator with a passion for technology and gadgets, Lisa is also a mummy, wife, language nut and all-round enthusiastic bunny!

Lisa fell in love with languages at the age of nine, and later went on to do a degree in Spanish and Catalan. She can also speak German, and is currently studying Swedish. Lisa taught at secondary school for eight years and now teaches Spanish at primary school level, which, she says, suits her fun loving and mischievous personality down to the ground…

Philip Harding-Esch – French Language Consultant 

Philip grew up bilingual and studied French and Linguistics at Oxford before starting his career working on primary and secondary MFL education projects in the UK and abroad before discovering his love of multilingual alpacas.

He advises on the French language content and sound for Pacca Alpaca. It’s very important that Pacca can order his coffee and croissants without any trouble!

Astrid Reiner – German Language Consultant

Astrid grew up in Germany and lived briefly in Finland before settling in the beautiful multicultural melting-pot of London. She greatly enjoys her work in kids TV and advertising especially when she can make use of her language skills or try out new products.

Siwan Jobbins – Welsh Language Consultant  

Flitting back and forth from Welsh to English is second nature to Siwan and she passionately believes that being bilingual is a brilliant thing. When not working on Pacca Alpaca’s apps, Siwan works as a creative producer, developing and producing TV programs and online content in both English & Welsh for broadcasters such as CBeebies, S4C, CBBC & BBC Bitesize and voice directing projects for clients such as the Booktrust. 

The only member of Siwan’s family who isn’t bilingual is her dog, Mona, who can only understand Welsh. Having said that, she does seem to ignore most commands in whichever language you speak! Maybe we should ask Pacca Alpaca for some help?!

Coco Gu – Mandarin Language Consultant 

Coco has been working as a Mandarin teacher in Germany, Indonesia, Japan and the UK for the past 15 years. She is very proud of the Chinese language, not only because it is one of the world’s most ancient languages, but also because of its rich culture, history and philosophy. This passion is exactly what she loves to share with Pacca Alpaca!