Production Team

James Dolan – Social Media & Digital Content Manager

James is our Social Media and Digital Content Manager, running all social media platforms for Pacca Alpaca and keeping the website updated. As well as YouTube, you can also follow Pacca Alpaca on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we post lots of fun and interesting updates.

Celine Stella – Video Production 

Celine is our mischief behind the camera! She is responsible for making Pacca Alpaca’s First Words videos, which regularly see Pacca Alpaca doing all sorts of fun and occasionally cheeky things…

Celine has always loved travel and languages. She grew up in Paris and spent the last 15 years working as a French kindergarten teacher, nanny and au pair, all over the world.  Celine is a keen photographer and total movie fan, of course!

Emma Shepherd – Animator

Emma is a 2D animator who has worked on a variety of fantastic projects, but her passion is animating children’s content.

When she’s not creating gorgeous graphics, Emma loves to go rock climbing and enjoys weightlifting too. As a child, Emma lived in several different countries and developed a love of languages – she’s currently learning German and French and has found Pacca Alpaca has helped her already!

Chris Lacey – Animator

Chris is a 2D animator with experience ranging from animating for television broadcast to directing YouTube children’s content.

From an early age, Chris has had a passion for the world of animation. He loves exploring new ideas and techniques in animation and using his talents to bring Pacca Alpaca to life. We suspect Chris may be in cahoots with Pacca Alpaca when it comes to the mischief he makes….

Mark Smith – Music Producer and Sound Designer 

Mark is a Music Producer and Sound Designer with experience in all areas of music production and composition, from fun games and animations for children through to big epic music for movie trailers!

He has always had a passion for music from an early age and loves creating  songs for Pacca Alpaca to dance along to. In Mark’s own words, “it’s so much fun to be part of Pacca Alpacas musical world.”