• What is Pacca Alpaca – Basic Language Learning and Educational Games for Children about?

Pacca Alpaca Basic Language learning and educational games for children is a multilingual app designed to inspire young children to learn new languages and acquire new vocabulary words whilst they explore the wonders of the world, first stop, Australia.

  • What languages are available on Pacca Alpaca – Basic Language Learning?

Currently this app can be played in English, Arabic, French, Castilian Spanish, Mandarin, Welsh and German.

  • Will you be adding more languages to this app?

Yes, we will be adding more languages on-going.

  • Can I recommend a language?

Absolutely! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Fancy learning Swahili? Manx? Or perhaps Elfdalian? Just drop us a line and let us know!

  • Why is Pacca Alpaca in Australia for this app?

Pacca Alpaca is a bit of a mischief and loves to explore far and wide, which is good for us because all of our games embrace the core beliefs that language has no borders and curiosity is an important and healthy part of every child’s development. And watch this space for Pacca Alpaca’s next destination!

  • What’s Pacca Alpaca – Travel Playtime about?

Our latest app Pacca Alpaca Travel Playtime, features 50 early learning activities, designed to introduce your little one to exciting cultural and historical settings from all around the world. Celebrating 23 different countries, the app also features authentic music from the different cultures, as well showing and naming the flags from each location.

  • How were the selection of countries and landmarks chosen in Pacca Alpaca – Travel Playtime?

Whilst we would love to have presented ALL the fabulous countries on our planet, we tried (or we believe we have presented) a well-balanced selection of countries from many different cultures around the globe. We also plan to add more in the future, so feel free to get in touch and send us your suggestions!

  • Who are our apps designed for?

All of our apps are created for children 2-6 years (but we have seen some adults playing it too… ahem…)

  • Will these apps work on my iPhone?

Yes, all of our apps work on Apple and Android devices!

  • What version of iOS do Pacca Alpaca apps run on?

Our apps work on any Apple device which is running iOS 5 and above.

  • What version of Android do I need to run Pacca Alpaca apps?

You will need version 4 and above to play Pacca Alpaca.

  • Can teachers use Pacca Alpaca apps in the classroom?

Yes! Our apps are all tested and approved by language and culture experts and they are curriculum compatible too, which makes them a flufftastic addition to any classroom.

  • Are there any in-app purchases in any of your games?

You won’t ever find in-app purchases or third party ads in any of our apps.

  • How do I get the best out of Pacca Alpaca apps?

There are a few ways you can get the best our of apps. You can access the protected Grown-ups area directly in the apps where you will find a Help section. You can also make the most of our apps with our fabulously fluffy fact sheets!